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Champion Power Equipment 73536i ReviewThis Champion Power Equipment 73536i review must show customers the positive reasons for owning this Champion 73536i machine. A portable generator offers numerous benefits to a person who enjoys camping or needs a source of energy to run tools on a job site. It may also come in handy when the electrical energy fails inside of the house as well. Each generator will have different features that must be compared before purchase. For instance, a person must estimate the amount of electricity that will be needed after reading this Champion Power Equipment 73536i article.

This Champion Power Equipment 73536i machine is extremely compact, so it will be easy to tote around when it is needed. It is essential to note that this Champion Power Equipment 73536i is an invertor generator. This means that it is smaller, quieter, more efficient, and weighs less than traditional models. Here is a closer look at a useful Champion Power Equipment 73536i machine.

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Hyundai HY2000SI ReviewsReading Hyundai HY2000si reviews will be a helpful way to comprehend the benefits of this machine. Many people think that a generator is only useful for a person who lives in the woods. However, it can be a useful tool to run power tools at a job site or keep appliances powered when there is an outage.

Older generators are often large, heavy, and loud. A few years back, smaller and lighter inverter generators were created. They were much quieter and more efficient than old fashioned models. A person may read Hyundai HY2000si reviews to get a better understanding of the features and benefits of this unit.

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Which Generators Are Safe to Run Indoors
★★★★★​ Looking for the best and cheapest indoor generator? We have expert reviews and feature comparisons of the indoor generators. Are you wondering if an indoor generator is really safe to run inside the home? Most portable generators out there are designed to be installed outside requiring a good ventilation and shelter to function effectively even on harsh climates. Though many homemakers may prefer their generators run indoors, the noise, vibration and toxic gas they release don’t make them a good installation inside the home.

There are actually generators designed for indoor use but it may take a lot of work before you can decide which indoor generator works well according to your needs. There are considerations you may have to think about including the legality of an indoor generator installation, protection of the entire household and the generator’s capacity to supply power during an emergency situation or power outage without compromising safety.

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Champion Power Equipment 46596 ReviewThis Champion Power Equipment 46596 review must display the numerous features and benefits that will come with owning this generator. A portable generator may be a very good investment for people who spend time away from electricity or in places of the country where frequent storms strike. A generator will be able to provide hours of power in order to run appliances or power tools.

This Champion Power Equipment 46596 review will show that this is a durable unit that will work well on a campsite or job location. It can also be used around the home as well. Here is a closer look at this “Champion Power Equipment 46596 review.

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Westinghouse WH7500E ReviewThis Westinghouse WH7500E review is meant to discuss the importance of owning a portable generator. This machine will be perfect for the family who enjoys camping, RVing, or lives in an area of the country where storms lead to frequent blackouts. This piece of equipment will definitely come in handy for a worker who needs to power tools at a construction site as well.

This particular machine is a durable unit that can supply a nice amount of power. It will be there when electricity is not available. This machine is easy to transport, so it will be able to supply all the comforts of home when on the road. Here is a closer look at the numerous features of this machine.

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How to Safely Store a Generator Outside
Before purchasing your generator as a backup power system, make sure you have generator storage outside your home ready that will house and protect it from any harmful elements in the environment. Installing it inside or leaving it open outside with just a simple shelter are common mistakes that many homeowners do. It takes proper generator storage to be able to benefit from its utility for a long time and safeguard the entire household from any untoward incidents.

Generator storage may be in the form of a sturdy shelter, wood enclosure (with ventilation), or a durable canopy designed for such equipment. Just make sure that your generator storage is located outside to avoid toxic fume buildup inside your home.

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DuroStar DS4000WGE Review

This DuroStar DS4000WGE review is meant to explain the importance of owning a portable generator. This unit will be perfect for people who own a farm or ranch. This unit can supply power where electricity is not available. It works well at homes during a power outage along with a job site where power tools are necessary.

This generator is durable and capable of supplying a nice amount of power. A bonus is that it doubles as an arc welder. There are numerous things to consider before buying a generator. A person must understand individual needs before making a final purchase. Here is an in depth look at the benefits of purchasing this piece of equipment.

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Generac 5982 GP3250 ReviewThis Generac 5982 GP3250 review will hopefully explain numerous features of this portable generator. This unit is quite impressive. It will work to provide power for appliances or power tools when electricity is not available. It is perfect to use on a job site, while participating in various outdoor activities, or around the house.

This is a reliable machine that is ready for transport. It will be smart to own a generator, especially when living in an area of the country where frequent storms occur. When looking for a portable generator, it will be helpful to understand some of the key features of each product. Here is a closer examination at this Generac product.

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Honeywell 2000-6066

This Honeywell 2000-6066 review will help a person decide whether or not this portable generator will fill individual needs. This unit is built in a compact manner that is designed to be portable and convenient. Since it is so lightweight, it is ideal for camping or any other type of outdoor recreation. The small size also makes it nice to store when it is not in use. A major drawback of a large generator is the fact that it takes up so much space. This is not a concern with this Honeywell generator.

This generator is a bit different from others on the market due to the inverter technology. This lowers its size, noise, and fuel consumption. It is always a smart idea to own a generator. Whether or not electricity is needed on a job site or around the house when there is a power outage, this generator will be extremely helpful. Here is a closer look at this Honeywell generator.

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Generator's Fuel Consumption
★★★★★​  Best Answer

It is important to consider generator fuel consumption, especially noting how many hours does a generator run on a gallon of gas. You definitely don’t want to have to refill your generator every two hours. You can determine a generator’s fuel consumption from the product information, for example, Champion Power Equipment 46533 indicate that it can runs for 12 hours on full tank (4 gallons) of gas at 50% load. In other words, 1 gallon of gas can run for 3 hours at 50% load. Remember the keyword here is 50% load, if you use it for higher load, the consumption will be higher and if you use it for lower load, the consumption will be lower. By estimation, at 25% load, 1 gallon of gas can run for 4.5 hours but at 100% load, 1 gallon of gas can last for 1.5 hour.

Scroll down to check our recommendation for low consumption generator.

It may be important to note that a generator is an efficient backup power system that can supply immediate electricity in the event of power outage and it requires fuel to be able to run and produce energy. Fuel may be in the form of gas, diesel, natural gas or propane, depending on the type of generator. Regardless of the fuel of your backup power system, it makes sense to be aware of your regular generator fuel consumption to be able to make an estimate of how much it is taking out of your budget.

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