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Which Generators Are Safe to Run Indoors
★★★★★​ Looking for the best and cheapest indoor generator? We have expert reviews and feature comparisons of the indoor generators. Are you wondering if an indoor generator is really safe to run inside the home? Most portable generators out there are designed to be installed outside requiring a good ventilation and shelter to function effectively even on harsh climates. Though many homemakers may prefer their generators run indoors, the noise, vibration and toxic gas they release don’t make them a good installation inside the home.

There are actually generators designed for indoor use but it may take a lot of work before you can decide which indoor generator works well according to your needs. There are considerations you may have to think about including the legality of an indoor generator installation, protection of the entire household and the generator’s capacity to supply power during an emergency situation or power outage without compromising safety.

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Conntek 20602 50-Foot 10 4 30 Amp 125 250 Volt 4 Prong L14-30 Transfer Switch Cord Generator CordPower at home is very essential. Without it, household chores will be disrupted and a number of other important activities will be hampered. Yes, we can absolutely say that electricity is a necessity not just at home, but anywhere we go. Because of this, more and more people find it convenient to provide their homes and offices with generators. Generators have two kinds: standby and portable. Continuous use of appliances despite a power outage is possible by using a standby generator which is efficient as it can be a source of backup power.

It is permanently mounted outside where it may be plugged into power wirings. Once the power is out, the generator automatically operates within seconds. However, if you want a generator that may be used for locations wherein power supply is low or none such as on camps and construction sites, then you may choose to buy a portable generator.

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DuroMax XP4400EH ReviewThis DuroMax XP4400EH review is meant to explain the benefits and features of this portable generator. A generator is an essential machine to own when a backup source of electricity is necessary. When the power fails or outlets are not available, this unit will go to work and supply electricity for small appliances, power tools, and other necessary devices.

This particular generator is durable and compact. It includes a wheel kit which makes it easy to bring on camping trips, use while traveling in an RV, going to a job site, or just moving from place to place around the house. There are certain features to compare among products before making a final purchase. Here is a closer examination of this DuroMax generator.

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No Spill Gas Cans for Portable Generators

A power outage? Almost everyone is upset when one occurs. Who wouldn’t be? You are almost finishing watching your favorite TV series, and then snap! No electricity. People these days are okay with the water supply being cut off but electricity is a different story. They will definitely throw a tantrum.

This is where portable generators come in. Portable generators are handy gas powered devices which are used to “generate” electrical power temporarily. So while you are waiting for the lights to come you can still have electricity thanks to a generator. These portable generators can provide electricity for a short period of time only since they also run out of power. For a continuous supply of electricity you need to have a no spill gas can full of gas at all times.

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Yamaha Eef2000isv2 Review

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is a great little generator from this very well known manufacturer which comes with a host of unique features which are sure to impress. Nearly everyone can use a portable generator at some point – some people may find that they get a lot of use out of a little generator like this, such as if you regularly go fishing on a small boat and require power to run some small appliances on the boat. Even those of you who go camping once or twice a year are sure to get a lot of value from this product.

This Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Review is based on a very expensive generator, but also one which comes packed with some great features. If you’re shopping on a budget then you may want to look at some of the other brands which are reviews on this website – however if you need the absolute best then please read on.

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The Best Portable Generators Under $500

Today, we have gadgets and machines to do almost every task right from the basic to those that require to be handled with skill and tact. However, the only condition is most of them run on electricity. Thus, in the event of a power outage they can bring life to a standstill and cause grave inconvenience. A solution to do away with this problem is purchasing a quality generator as a temporary backup.

The market offers a plethora of generators in various types, sizes and price ranges and the most popular choices are the portable generators on account of their versatility. In this section, we shall shop around for the best portable generator under $500. However, prior to that we have a short guide on portable generators to help you make an informed decision for your purchase of the best portable generator under $500. [click to continue…]

With the different types of all-weather portable generators for home use available today, would it be more practical/cost-efficient to run your power supply with a generator or hook up to a grid power line? Portable generators are effective backup power system during a power outage and they are also an efficient source of power supply where there is no grid power line connected to your home or business. However, the price of fuel is constantly rising as well as the cost of energy usage at home which put you in a tight spot as to which way to go and how you can trim down your energy bills.

By reading this article further, you may be able to get some ideas on how to measure or estimate your grid power cost vs. portable generator fuel cost and compare which method is a more cost-efficient method for your particular requirement.

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Generator's Fuel Consumption
★★★★★​  Best Answer

It is important to consider generator fuel consumption, especially noting how many hours does a generator run on a gallon of gas. You definitely don’t want to have to refill your generator every two hours. You can determine a generator’s fuel consumption from the product information, for example, Champion Power Equipment 46533 indicate that it can runs for 12 hours on full tank (4 gallons) of gas at 50% load. In other words, 1 gallon of gas can run for 3 hours at 50% load. Remember the keyword here is 50% load, if you use it for higher load, the consumption will be higher and if you use it for lower load, the consumption will be lower. By estimation, at 25% load, 1 gallon of gas can run for 4.5 hours but at 100% load, 1 gallon of gas can last for 1.5 hour.

Scroll down to check our recommendation for low consumption generator.

It may be important to note that a generator is an efficient backup power system that can supply immediate electricity in the event of power outage and it requires fuel to be able to run and produce energy. Fuel may be in the form of gas, diesel, natural gas or propane, depending on the type of generator. Regardless of the fuel of your backup power system, it makes sense to be aware of your regular generator fuel consumption to be able to make an estimate of how much it is taking out of your budget.

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 Best Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorA generator is perhaps the first thing that becomes an ever dependable piece of equipment when there’s a power outage. And there’s no shortage when it comes to possible options. You can go from portable to heavy-duty types and choose from various single fuel types or just go for the best dual fuel portable generator available out there. While the most common types are diesel and gas fueled generators, there are various dual fuel generators you can choose from. This means that these work with two different fuels without compromising its efficiency and quality. If you want to learn why people opt for dual-fueled generators and how they are different from other generator types, read on. Know their various features and find out the best dual fuel portable generator you can have for your home.

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Generator Accessory KitGenerator accessories come in a wide range and they are all essential components that may keep a generator properly functioning. Without most of these accessories, the utility of your generator may be crippled especially if one or more of its components/accessories are damaged or broken which makes finding replacements a rather daunting task. With universal generator accessories around, replacing or changing a damaged accessory has never been easier.

Some generator accessories are optional features but that doesn’t mean they are not as important as everything else. For a generator with an electric starter, it may require a battery to ignite the power of the starter. Portable generators are usually encased in a steel frame with or without wheels for easy transport. In the event that the wheels wear, they may need to be replaced with new ones or if it comes minus the wheels, you may need to purchase them.

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