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Backup Power for Your Aquarium

Yamaha EF2000iSAn aquarium basically consists of living things the survival of which depends on a well-functioning, water pump. Water pumps, on the other hand, cannot work without power, so when there is a sudden power outage, the life inside the aquarium begins to end. You don’t want that to happen and you may need an aquarium backup power to keep everything running normal.

It truly is expensive to maintain an aquarium, especially for large ones that house different kinds of fish, ranging from small to bigger ones. These sea creatures need light, food and oxygen 24/7 to survive, and it’s a cycle that inhabitants in the aquarium have to go through day in and day out.

Power outage is likely to happen anytime, and an aquarium backup power is the perfect life saver.

Why You’ll Need Backup Power for Aquarium

Electricity produces light which is an important element in an aquarium. The lights in the aquarium are an integral part in the corals’ food production. Without electricity, everything is at a standstill and your aquarium becomes nothing but a rectangular fish tank, with uninteresting and lifeless creatures in just less than 48 hours. To avoid this from happening, there must be a need to install an effective and efficient aquarium backup power.

A battery aquarium backup power may be good but it won’t take long and it will die on you. The biggest battery backup system may not even take half an hour to function efficiently, so this is only ideal for around a few minutes without power. For longer power breakdown that may last for days especially during extreme weather conditions, a generator may be the best aquarium backup power.

How a Generator Can Be Used with an Aquarium as a Backup Power

A generator may be pretty expensive but if you want to see your fish tank alive, this makes a great aquarium backup power. It may even cost you more to replace or restore your fish tank than getting hold of your own generator.

Generators come in different types, designs and sizes suitable for different applications. Portable ones are more designed for home use and if you are planning on getting an aquarium backup power, you may have to work out the first total wattage your fish tank requires. Remember that fish tanks, more particularly the large ones, use a lot of electricity. Include in your calculation the wattage of your water pump, heater, UV sterilizer and lights.

The total wattage should be equal or less than the output capacity of the generator (if you are using it exclusively for the aquarium). Make sure your aquarium backup power is securely and safely sheltered outside your home, as it emits carbon monoxide gas (which is very toxic) while running. You don’t want to risk the health and safety of the entire household.

What Kinds of Aquarium Might Benefit from a Generator?

Whether you have a freshwater aquarium or saltwater fish tank, a generator is the best aquarium backup power you can consider to keep everything inside the tank alive and perfectly working even for a week of power outage. Just make sure you have enough fuel for refill, otherwise your backup power system will stop running in the middle of a power outage and there’s no way to rescue your fish alive.

Frequently Bought Battery Operated Air Pump

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How to Determine Aquarium Wattage Requirements

Before purchasing your aquarium backup power, make your calculations on how much wattage your entire fish tank is going to use. There are wattage calculators you can find online that will help you measure that.

Or for a more accurate measurement, use a load tester to gauge the wattage requirements of your fish tank. If you want a manual computation, check the individual component of the fish tank for wattage information and make your own calculation of the total requirement before deciding on how much wattage output should your aquarium backup power have. If your fish tank uses about 1,200 watts, get a generator with more than 1,200 for a wattage output.

Types of Generators that Would Work Best with an Aquarium Based on Wattage Requirements

The type of generator you are going to buy as an aquarium backup power will depend on the wattage requirements of your fish tank/s. One wrong decision may put everything into a tight spot. To help you find an aquarium backup power generator that is well-suited for your specific fish tank, read on.

 Yamaha EF2000iSv2, 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting WattsClick for latest low price
Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2,000 Watt 79cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 has a 2,000-watt maximum output that is perfect as aquarium backup power for large fish tanks with over 1,000-watt requirements. It’s ultra portable at less than 45 pounds and very compact (2.2 cu.ft.) which makes it easy to store and transport. Its Twin-tech technology feature allows you to hook it up with another unit for increased output and perfectly works when you have several aquariums to provide backup power on. It’s fuel-efficient which can operate for 10.5 hours without fuel refill. This quiet-running generator is designed with an inverter system that delivers cleaner and premium-quality electricity.

 All Power America APG3004, 800 Running Watts/1000 Starting WattsClick for latest low price
All Power America APG3004 1000-Watt

This generator has a 1,000-watt power in its sleeves and ideal for lights, small kitchen devices and tools as well as a perfect small aquarium backup power with less than a thousand wattage requirements. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it portable enough to bring at campsite, job site or cabin. This gas-powered generator has a 1 1/5 gallon tank capacity enough to operate for 8.5 hours at half the load. This may be great though only for several hours of power outage. It runs with a 71cc 1.5HP with reduced noise output.

 Champion Power Equipment Model 46533, 3500/4000 Watt Portable Gas-Powered Generator CARBClick for latest low price
Champion Power Equipment 46533 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

This type of generator is ideal as aquarium backup power along with a few survival appliances (lights, sump pump and refrigerator) as it comes with a 4000-watt maximum power output. It is CARB-compliant and operates for about 12 hours (full tank); at 50% load it is perfect for home, jobsite or camp site. Its overload protection system, Voltmeter and Low Oil Sensor, is further supported by a durable frame, making it a high quality and complete backup power system during severe power outage.

Your most precious aquarium doesn’t have to suffer during power outages as you can install an aquarium backup power to keep it going and running, no matter how small or large your fish tank is. It just takes the right choice of generator that fits your aquarium’s wattage requirements.

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