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Champion Power Equipment 42431 Review


Champion Power Equipment 42431 Review

Champion Power Equipment 42431 had been replaced by Champion Power Equipment 42436.

This Champion Power Equipment 42431 review should inform a consumer about the various features of this generator. This unit is extremely lightweight, so it is easy to carry from place to place. Whether camping or working on a job site, a person will be able to use this generator. It is an excellent source of power when outlets are unavailable.

Unlike larger units which are loud and cumbersome, this generator is quite portable and compact. Despite its small size, it still manages to supply ample power for small appliances when the electricity goes out or to power tools when working on a project. Before making a decision about which generator to purchase, a person must become familiar with necessary features. Here is a closer look at the Champion 42431.

Running Wattage

Running wattage is one of the most important aspects of a generator. This number determines how much power can be produced and how many items can run at the same time. Everything with a plug requires a certain amount of wattage. Making a list if items that will be used like lights, television, and refrigerator will help to determine which generator will be able to get the job done. This generator offers 1200 running watts. This is more than enough to support appliances or power tools.

Starting Wattage

When items are initially plugged into a generator, they will require a but more surging power. The starting wattage of this Champion generator is 1500.

Engine Horsepower

An important fact to include in this Champion Power Equipment 42431 review is engine horsepower. This modest machine will supply 2.4 horsepower from its 80 cc OHV engine.

Fuel Tank Size

Since this unit is small, it comes with a 1.2 gallon fuel tank. There is an included fuel gauge on the generator which allows a user to easily view when the unit will need to be refilled.

Run Tome @ 50%

At 50% load, this generator can run an impressive 10 hours. This means that the unit is very efficient. To ensure that damage will not occur, there is a low oil shutdown system in place to protect the engine.

Starting Method

This generator has a recoil start. This means that a person will need to pull a cord to get the generator started. Even though there is no electric start, most users claim that there is no difficulties involved with cranking up the machine. Some customers are relieved that there is no need for an additional battery as well.

Operating Noise

Another important factor involved with purchasing a generator is the noise level that is produced while running it. No one wants to own a generator that is extremely noisy. This generator is very quiet at 65 decibels. This is soften than most home vacuum cleaners.

Champion Power Equipment 42431Fuel Type

Like most smaller portable generators, this unit runs on normal gasoline. This is quite convenient since gasoline can be obtained at any service station or stored in cans for emergency use.


This unit has one 120 volt (5-20R) outlet. To prevent overloads, the outlet is protected.


There are a great number of generators which are not carb compliant. These units cannot be used in the state of California. On the bright side, this Champion Power Equipment 42431 is carb compliant and can safely be used in all 50 states.


This Champion Power Equipment 42431 review must include the proper size of the unit. It is obvious that the unit is small an unobtrusive.

Length: 18.5 inches
Width: 15.5 inches
Height: 15.5 inches


This is a very lightweight portable generator. It only weighs 66 pounds. It will only require one person to move it from place to place. Even though it does not come equipped with wheels, it is still an extremely portable unit.

Additional Features

This Champion Power Equipment 42432 review must include all of its positive features. Even though this generator is not as large as most, it is still a durable machine with a steel tube cage for added protection. It comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s limited warranty which adds even more confidence to a consumer. The generator has an automatic voltage regulator device which ensures even performance. There is a special muffler which makes the unit run in a quiet manner as well.


One of the most beneficial accessories that an owner can purchase for this Champion generator is a weather proof vinyl cover. This will keep the generator safe from the elements and free from debris. Some people may wish to purchase a wheel kit to make it more convenient to roll around. It may also be wise to buy an extension cord with adaptor outlets as well.

Champion Power Equipment 42431 Review


Despite the small size, this generator has a powerful 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine. It is built to last for years due to its cast iron sleeve. It can run up to 10 hours at half load which means that there will be a good amount of time in between refills. It is extremely portable and lightweight. There is a special Intelligauge which displays the voltage, frequency, and operating hours. This will offer an owner a reminder for when maintenance is necessary. It is also carb compliant which means that it can be sold and used in all 50 states.


To balance this Champion Power Equipment 42431 review, it is necessary to share some of this generator’s weaknesses. Some customers complain about how noisy it becomes when running under load.

Consumer Ratings

The Champion Equipment 42431 has received 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 13 customer reviews.


For people who are interested in a portable generator, but are on a tight budget, this unit will be ideal. It is not as strong as other models, but it supports 1200 watts which is plenty to power tools or small appliances. For a few hundred dollars, this generator will offer numerous features that will definitely come in handy and supply some peace of mind.

Champion Power Equipment 42431 Review

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