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Champion Power Equipment 42436 Review


Champion Power Equipment 42436This Champion Power Equipment 42436 review is meant to explain all of the reasons why a person should consider this portable generator. This unit takes up little room and will be able to supply electricity when power is not available. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys camping or fishing, must run tools on a job site, or needs backup at home when electricity fails.

This is a compact unit that takes up little space. Before purchasing a generator, it is essential to do some comparison shopping and understand a few key features. It is smart to be ready when the power goes out. Here is an in depth look at this Champion generator.


Running Wattage

The first thing to mention in this Champion Power Equipment 42436 review is running wattage. This indicates how much power can be supported. A user will need to list important items that must be run together when electricity is not available. Each item requires a certain wattage. For example, all appliances and power tools will take a certain amount of power to run. Adding up the total will tell how much running wattage the generator will need. This Champion generator has 1200 running watts.

Starting Watts

A generator will be able to handle a bit more power when plugging items in. The power is called surging watts. This product supplies 1500 starting watts.

Engine Horsepower

Another important feature of a generator is engine horsepower. It is essential to include the amount of provided power in this Champion Power Equipment 42436 review. There is 2.4 horsepower produced by this machine with its 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine.

Fuel Tank Size

This unit has a 1.5 gallon fuel tank. It does not require a great amount of fuel to fill. For added convenience, there is an easy to read gauge, which tells how full or empty the generator is at any given time.

Run Time @ 50%

At half load, this unit can run up to 10 hours without the need to refuel.

Starting Method

Many people are interested in the starting method of a generator. This Champion generator has a recoil start. This requires a user to pull a cord in order to crank the engine. Most customers had no complaints about how hard it was to get started. In fact, many people have commented how easy it is to get the generator going.

Champion Power Equipment 42436Operating Noise

An important part of this Champion Power Equipment 42436 review is the amount of noise gives off during use. On a high note, this generator is not loud. It gives off 65 decibels of sound. This is the level of noise most often heard from a household vacuum cleaner.

Fuel Type

This generator runs on normal gasoline. It is a convenient fuel source because it is readily available. If emergencies occur and the power fails, a person can easily obtain gasoline. Many times a person will already have spare fuel around the house for other outside equipment.


The most important feature of a generator is the outlets that it includes. This unit has one 120 volt outlet. For good measure, there is a 10A breaker, which offers protection in case of overload or short circuit.


Many times, a generator is not carb compliant, which means that it cannot be used or sold in California. One key advantage of this unit is that it is compliant and available for sale in all 50 states.


Length: 17 inches
Width: 15 inches
Height: 14 inches


This generator is extremely lightweight. It weighs approximately 56 pounds. This makes it very portable. It is great to take on the road, on RV trips, camping, or to a job site.

Additional Features

There are numerous features that must be addressed in this Champion Power Equipment 42436 review. There is a variety of safety mechanisms on this generator. For example, there is a low oil shutdown feature, which prevents damage to the engine when oil levels fall too low. There is a helpful Intelligauge display that allows a user to view voltage, frequency, and the operating hours. This will help a person know when maintenance is necessary.


This generator comes with an oil funnel and spark plug socket. Besides these items, there are other accessories that an owner may choose to purchase. For instance, anyone with a generator should own a cover. There is a weatherproof custom made vinyl cover available that can keep it safe from the outside elements. Even though this particular generator is one of the lightest on the market, there is also an optional wheel kit available.

Champion Power Equipment 42436


This Champion portable generator is very lightweight. Considering its size, it runs up to 10 hours at half load. It is very efficient with its 1200 watt capacity and easy to get started. It is also durable due to the cast iron sleeve and tubular steel frame. One definite plus is how quiet the machine is while running. One of the nicest things is the two year warranty. This provides peace of mind at time of purchase.


There are very few negative things to include in this review. One of the most common complaints is that there is only one outlet. This must be put into perspective and lies mostly in the small size of the generator. It is possible to buy an adapter cord that can accommodate more items.

Consumer Ratings

This Champion generator has received 5 out of 5 stars based on 7 customer reviews. This shows how many consumers enjoy this generator and have found it to come in handy for different situations.


This generator is ideal for anyone who is on a tight budget. Since it is so small, it cannot service a great number of appliances at the same time, but is dependable and will be able to run the essentials in an emergency situation. It is always smart to have a generator on hand, especially when it comes at such a low cost.


Champion Power Equipment 42436 Review

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