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Champion Power Equipment 46539 Vs. DuroStar DS4000S

Champion Power Equipment 46539When comparing the Champion Power Equipment 46539 vs. DuroStar DS4000S, it is important to consider a few items. If a person is in the market for a potable generator, there are a few features that must be examined. For example, it is essential to find a unit that is dependable and functional in times of emergency. A camper will want to find a unit that runs essential outdoor or RV equipment. A construction worker will want a durable generator to take on the job site for working power tools. It is vital to comprehend wattage, fuel tank size, and other features. Here is a comparison of these two similar portable generators.

Champion Power Equipment 46539

This portable generator has a running wattage of 3500 watts and a surgery wattage of 4000. This means that a number of appliances or tools can be used at once. This generator has a 196cc OHV engine which is powered by gasoline. It can run up to 12 hours while at 50% load which means that it will be a long time between refills. The unit weighs 140 pounds and is carb compliant, so it can be used in all 50 states. Something to note in a comparison of the Champion Power Equipment generator and the DuroStar generator is that the Champion product has an electric remote start. This is a very nice feature that not many generators have. The battery is included and the remote will work up to an 80 foot range. This is especially nice on camping trips. For added convenience, the oil is included for the engine, so the unit can be started right out of the box. Other positive features include overload protection for receptacles, low oil sensor, and Intelligauge which offers operating information at a glance. Champion is a company that is known for its quality products as well as providing top customer service. All of the company’s products come with a lifetime of free tech support and a 2 year limited warranty. This protects the customers and will guarantee great use if the product.

DuroStar DS4000S 4,000DuroStar DS4000S

The other half of this Champion Power Equipment 46539 vs. DuroStar DS4000S comparison must take a closer look at the DuroStar product. This is another portable generator that will work well when the power fails, at a job site, or while camping in an RV. It contains a 7 horsepower air cooled overhead valve engine that produces 3300 running wattage and 4000 surging watts. It is powered by gasoline and contains a 4 gallon tank which can run up to 8 hours at half load. There is an automatic low oil shutoff to offer engine protection as well. It is protected with its steel tube cage. A wheel kit is an optional accessory which can make it easier to take from place to place. It runs softly with its quieting muffler and four point isolated motor mounts. It has a recoil start which means that a person will need to exert a bit of physical strength to get the machine going. The power panel is simple to navigate with the start switch, volt meter, and circuit breaker all in view. It offers numerous outlets, but is not carb compliant. This means that it cannot be used in the state of California.

Similarities Between The Champion 46539 And The DuroStar DS4000S

Both generators gave a surge wattage of 4000 and run on standard gasoline. Different appliances and power tools can be powered with ease. Both generators also offer various outlet options and an automatic low oil shutoff to protect the engine. They both come equipped in a sturdy steel frame as well.

Differences Between The Champion 46539 Generator And The DuroStar DS4000S Generator

The most apparent difference between the two generators is the fact that the DuroStar does not come equipped with wheels. Even though it is lightweight, the wheel kit is an optional accessory. This means that the Champion unit is more portable from the beginning. The DuroStar also has a manual start. The champion has an electric start along with a convenient remote control. The electric start will be easier to use because of the button start. Champion even supplies the battery for the start along with the oil necessary for the engine function. This means that the unit can be used as soon as it arrives. The Champion also runs for a longer time at 50% load. It runs almost twice as long as the DuroStar which means that there will be a longer time in between refills. Finally, the Champion generator is carb compliant, while the DuroStar generator is not. This is important for residents of California.

Consumer Recommendations

Anyone reading this comparison between the Champion Power Equipment 46539 vs. DuroStar DS4000s should be interested to uncover which will be a better purchase. Both generators have been rated very well by owners. Both generators offer a generous supply of power from a gas engine. One of the biggest differences is the starting method. Obviously an automatic start is nicer than a pull cord, especially when it comes with a remote control. Another thing to note for residents of California is that the champion unit is carb compliant. The DuroStar cannot be used in this state. For a person planning to spend a lot of time on the road and moving the generator, the Champion generator will be better because it comes with no flat wheels. Both generators are in the same price range, but it is safe to say that the Champion Equipment 46539 is a better value for the money.

Champion Power Equipment 46539 vs. DuroStar DS4000S Conclusion

There are numerous portable generators on the market. It can be tricky to choose the right one. Before making a final decision, it is important to understand individual needs and expectations. Both the Champion 46539 and DuroStar DS4000S are capable of supplying dependable power in times of need. However the Champion generator has more features that make it a solid investment.

Champion Power Equipment 46539

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