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DuroMax Elite MX4500E Review

This DuroMax Elite MX4500E review is meant to explain the benefits of owning a generator when a source of electricity is needed. The DuroMax Elite MX4500E is a superb portable generator that will be able to supply all electrical needs during a storm or on the road at a job site or campsite. It is always wise to be prepared for times when the power fails. It is a contained unit that is made from quality materials.

This portable generator is made with a sturdy frame that contains a detachable roll cage which adds protection and makes it simple to use while on the go. DuroMax always produces high quality products that rarely disappoint. It places high regard on customer satisfaction. Here is a closer look at the benefits of this unit and the reason why it will be a smart investment.

Running Wattage

When reading a DuroMax Elite MX4500E review, it is essential to learn the running wattage. This generator has a running wattage of 3500. This means that it will be able to handle small appliances or power tools with ease. It will be a “must have” machine for any camping trip or for emergencies around the house.

Starting Wattage

Since certain items require more power upon starting, it is important to understand the limits within starting wattage of a generator. The DuroMax Elite MX4500E has a starting wattage of 4500. This means that it will be able to accommodate multiple devices without overload.


Engine Horsepower

The DuroMax Elite MX4500E produces 7 horsepower. It has a powerful engine which is equipped with an automatic idle control feature. This prevents the generator from stalling out. It is able to maintain a angular velocity even when there are variable loads.


Fuel Tank Size

Many people are interested in reading a DuroMax Elite MX4500E review to identify how large the fuel tank will be. Normally, the larger the tank, the longer the generator will run before it needs to be refilled. This item has a 4 gallon gas tank.


Run Tine @ 50%

At 50% run time, the DuroMax Elite can run up to 8 hours. This means that there will be a long time in between refills. Power will be uninterrupted for a nice chunk of time.


DuroMax Elite MX4500EStarting Method

Unlike many other generators, the DuroMax Elite MX4500E has a convenient electric start. This means that with the touch of a button, the unit will start up immediately. This will make it easy for the user to avoid the worries of struggling with a pull cord to crank up the motor.


Operating Noise (dB)

To avoid a great deal of noise, this generator produces less than 69 dB. In other words, operation will be as quiet as running a standard household vacuum. It is also important to note in this DuroMax Elite MX4500E review that it is approved for use in national parks because of its quiet exhaust. It also is held into place by 4 point engine mounts which lower the vibration produced when running as well.


Fuel Type

This generator runs on regular gasoline. It is the most popular and convenient form of fuel. It can be stored away for emergency use or easily obtained at any service station at a later time.

DuroMax Elite MX4500E Review


This generator comes equipped with different kinds of outlets.

1. Two 120 volt 20 amp 3 prong
2. One 120/140 volt 30 amp twist lock
3. One 12 volt DC battery charging outlet



This generator can be purchased and used in all states except California. It is not CARB compliant.



Length: 21.5 inches
Width: 18.7 inches
Height: 25.1 inches


The DuroMax Elite MX4500E weighs 141 pounds. Due to the never flat wheels and flip up handle, it is simple to transport.


Additional Features

There are countless features that must be included in this DuroMax Elite MX4500E review. The automatic idle control increases the motor’s capacity which makes it extremely fuel efficient. It also produces little noise while running. The engine is air cooled and includes and oil shutoff sensor. This will prevent the motor from becoming damaged when oil levels drop too low.



One of the most useful accessories for any generator is a cover. This will keep the machine clear from dirt and debris. It will also keep it safe from the elements. To make fuel refill less messy, many people choose to purchase a no leak gas container as well.

DuroMax Elite MX4500E


It is essential to explain all of the reasons that exist for buying this generator in a DuroMax Elite MX4500E review. The air cooled engine supplies a great amount of power to run numerous appliances or tools. It can run for up to 8 hours when emergency strikes. It runs quietly so it will not disturb the neighborhood. It has a simple power panel which contains the RV switch, electric start, volt meter, engine shutoff switch, and circuit breaker. Finally, it has top of the line construction that is built to last for many years of use without fail.



Despite the numerous positive reviews that customers have given for this specific generator, there are a few negatives to report. A few of the customers complain that it is not as quiet as stated, especially for use on a camping trip. Another user complained about the poor customer service that was experienced after receiving a defective item. These complaints are in the minority of all feedback received for this product.


Consumer Ratings

This unit has received 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 27 customer reviews. This means that it has been received very well by consumers who need a generator. It is almost rated as high as possible.



The DuroMax Elite MX4500E is a great value considering it comes with a wheel kit and electric start. Most similar units come with a much higher price tag. This quality generator will run efficiently when the power goes out or when electricity is needed. It is sure to live up to all expectations.


DuroMax Elite MX4500E Review

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