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DuroMax XP4400 Review

DuroMax XP4400When a person lives in a part of the country where weather is unpredictable, it is best to have a portable generator on hand. States that have extreme snow or ice storms that affect power lines as well as places that experience wind and severe electric storms will find benefits from having a generator on standby. It is also nice to one when on a camping trip. There are many generators on the market. Here is a DuroMax XP4400 review which will explain how useful the device is and why it tops the list for performance and specifications.


Running Watts

The running wattage is important to consider because it determines what kind of power the unit is capable of producing. It is essential to pinpoint what devices will be powered by the generator and the general needs it will have to fill. For example, if a person is interested in running large appliances, they will need high running watts to have the power to handle the job.

The DuroMax XP4400 is capable of running 3500 watts. In most cases, this will be able to operate a great deal of appliances like a refrigerator, television, and other small items all at the same time. It is key to add up total wattage before plugging anything into the generator.

Engine Horsepower

The horsepower for this portable generator is very adequate for a product of this nature. It produces 7 horsepower.

DuroMax XP4400 Review

Tank Size For Fuel

The DuroMax XP4400 has a fuel tank capacity of four gallons. The larger the tank, the longer the generator will be able to function without being filled. There is a gauge that displays how much fuel remains inside. There is an idle control that helps to conserve fuel. This product also includes an oil shutdown feature. This is beneficial since it keeps the generator from breaking when the oil level becomes too low.

Run Time At 50% Load

At half load, this piece of equipment can run up to eight hours. This is beneficial in times of a temporary power outage and it will work until electricity is fixed.

Duromax XP4400 frontStarting Method

There is only one way to start this portable generator by a draw cable. It is simple to start, but will require a bit more hard work.

Operating Noise

Obviously, if the generator will be used while camping, the noise level will be important. If it will be used outside of the home, the noise level will not matter as much. This unit runs at around 69 dB, which is quieter than the average vacuum cleaner. It will cause little disruption while in use.


To add to the convenience of using this piece of machinery, the DuroMax XP4400 runs on ordinary gasoline that is available at any service station. Most people already keep a few spare gallons at home for other yard equipment.


The DuroMax XP4400 includes three kinds of outlets. There are two 120 volt, 20 amp 3 prong outlets, one 120/240 volt, 30 amp twist lock outlet, and one 12 volt, 10 amp utility outlet.


Different states have various rules and regulations that must be followed. The DuroMax generator can be used in all 50 states except California because it is not CARB compliant.

Product Dimensions

Generators come in all shapes and sizes. The DuroMax 4400 is quite large and measures 24″ X 22″ X 24″. Despite the size, it is easy to move with a weight of 135 pounds.

Standout Features

The DuroMax XP440 portable generator is a versatile piece of equipment. Even though it is a decent size, it does not have an inconvenient weight. It is easy to travel with because of the handle and wheels. It can power a home or a camping trip with ease. It is quiet while operating since it includes an inside muffler. It sets itself apart from many others on the market because it also has numerous outlets, which a person can use to run tools as well as home appliances.

 Duromax XP4400 top


The generator cover which frequently bought together with this generator is DuroMax XPSGC Generator Cover For Models XP4400 and XP4400E. It builds from durable Nylon and act as internal moisture barrier. It helps to extend the life of your generator.



There are many benefits a person will get when purchasing the DuroMax XP4400 generator. For example, having various outlet options on a generator is a big plus. The 12 volt outlet allows a person to charge a battery, which is very convenient.
In addition, this unit does not release smoke while running and does not pollute the environment like other popular name brand units being sold. Finally, the unit contains a roll cage, which assures durability with rough use and is simple to start, especially with the electrical mechanism.


There is no perfect product on the market. Despite the minor complaints, this DuroMax offers a solid performance. Some people claim that the electric start is not always able to be used. In these times, it is necessary to use effort that is more physical to start the generator. Other people dislike that the machine is not sold with the necessary oil to start the unit right out of the box.

Consumer Ratings

The majority of customers who had the opportunity to try the DuroMax 4400 felt that it was a sound investment, it also received four out of five stars from nearly 100 customers.


Most of the time, a person will tend to be swayed by the price of an item when considering to buy it or not. The DuroMax XP4400 is pricing more than fair for its size and functions. Portable generators come in a great range of prices. This model falls in the middle of the very cheap and the very expensive. Even though it is larger than others are, it is still easy to move around. Its size allows for more power as well. It is important to note that the inexpensive price point may mean that required parts are made of lower quality than the costlier brands. However, it is the ideal generator for people searching for convenience on a budget.

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