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DuroMax XP4400E Review

DuroMax XP4400E ReviewThis DuroMax XP4400E Review is based on a portable generator which is very heavy duty indeed and which is designed for use primarily on a work site to power tools and other machinery – progress on a work site can be essential as there are deadlines to be met so this would work very well as a backup generator should something go wrong with the main power supply. However, this is also a very versatile generator and so it will work equally well in the home to power your appliances should there be a power outage.

This portable generator really isn’t small enough to be considered useful for things such as camping or fishing trips – unless of course you’re going on a trip where you will have a fairly large camp and plenty of room to store it in your vehicle. However if what you need is a heavy duty portable generator then be sure to read on – this one from DuroMax comes with heaps of useful features which are sure to not only impress you but also make your life easier in those times of need.

Running Watts

The running watts of a portable generator will have a direct effect on what appliances or machinery you can run from the power of the generator. Before purchasing any generator it is first important to decide what you need it for and then to ensure that the generator which you are buying will have enough power to run whatever it is that you need to run. If you don’t check this before buying then there is a chance that your generator will not be able to fulfill your needs. Most appliances have out many watts of power they require either listed on the body itself or in the manual – or if you’re having trouble then simply use Google to help you find some online documentation. Once you find out the wattage of the appliances or machinery which you need to run then it’s simply a matter of ensuring that the generator which you purchase can produce more watts than this – easy, right?

The running wattage of the DuroMax XP4400E is 3,500 watts.

Starting Watts

Some appliance require more power to start up than they do to run continuously – for that reason portable generators are rated not only by the wattage which they can put out to run appliances or machinery but also rated based on the wattage which they can put out to start an appliance or machine.

The starting wattage of the DuroMax XP4400E is 4,400 watts.

Engine Horsepower

The air-cooled OHV engine in this portable generator produces 7 horsepower, which is fairly high for a generator of this nature.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The capacity of a fuel tank can be an important factor which considering which generator to buy and for that reason I will now move on to discuss the fuel tank in this DuroMax XP4400E Review. The fuel tank in this DuroMax generator has a capacity of 4 gallons and also comes with a low oil shutdown feature which will prevent your generator becoming damaged should you not realise that the oil level has reduced too far.

Run Time at 50% Load

At 50% load this generator will run for up to 8 hours.

DuroMax XP4400E ReviewStarting Method

This generator comes with two different starting methods, electric or manual. If the battery is charged then you can use the electrical starting method which is really as simple as turning on your car. If the battery isn’t charged then you will need to use the draw cable to get the generator going but although this is slightly more physical it’s certainly not that difficult at all.

Operating Noise

Depending on what you need to use your generator for then the operating noise can be a very important factor to consider before purchasing any generator.

The DuroMax XP4400E runs at 69dB.

Fuel Type

This generator runs on gasoline. This is very handy as you can pick up more gasoline from any service station should you happen to run out, wherever you are.
DuroMax XP4400E Review


This DuroMax generator comes with three different types of outlet as follows;

  1. 120v, 20-amp, 3-prong – (2).
  2. 120/240-volt, 30-amp twist lock – (1).
  3. 12-volt, 10-amp utility – (1).


An important thing to note for people who live in California is that this model is not CARB compliant, which means that you should not purchase it. However this is compliant with the regulations in the other 49 states as it is EPA approved.


The dimensions for this rather larger portable generator are as follows;

  • Length: 24 in.
  • Width: 22 in.
  • Height: 24 in.

DuroMax XP4400EAdditional Features

One of the features which I like the most about this generator and which I’d like to discuss next in this DuroMax XP4400E Review is just how versatile it is. Most portable generators only come with one or two different types of outlets, however as mentioned above this DuroMax generator comes with three different types of outlet which means that you’ll be able to not only run heavy power tools but also you’ll be able to run your household appliances with no problems and even charge batteries. Versatility is a great feature in products and this one certainly excels in this regard.


The generator cover which frequently bought together with this generator is DuroMax XPSGC Generator Cover For Models XP4400 and XP4400E. It builds from durable Nylon and act as internal moisture barrier. It helps to extend the life of your generator.


Here are some of the most notable pros which I felt deserved to be mentioned in this DuroMax XP4400E Review;

  • With three different types of outlet, this is a very versatile portable generator.
  • Lots of power with a 7 horsepower engine and a running wattage of 3,500 watts.
  • At 50% load this generator has a run time of up to 8 hours which is loads of time to get your job done or power your appliances before needing to refuel.
  • Very easy to start thanks to the electrical start-up mechanism.
  • Very durable thanks to its rugged design which includes a roll cage.


  • It seems that there have been many complaints from customers which suggest that within the space of a year or two certain components in this generator will begin to fail and break. This is a shame, but on the plus side it does seem that the customer services will promptly replace the parts for you so long as you are still within the warranty period.
  • Complaints of some units being damaged in shipping – this is not that unusual and most product lines have at least some damaged or defective units – you can of course get a replacement.
  • Does not come with the oil which is required to run it so you’ll need to go out and purchase some.

Consumer Ratings

This product received a 4 out of 5 star rating, based on 94 customer reviews.


The last thing which I would like to discuss in this DuroMax XP4400E Review is the price. Considering the size and versatility of this portable generator the price is fairly modest. This is certainly not the cheapest portable generator out there but it’s also not the most expensive. It should be noted that there are smaller generators out there which are more portable but produce less power, which are cheaper than this. The size of this generator means that it will require more parts to be assembled – and since the price is lower than that of smaller generators then it is perhaps wise to be aware of the potential for a lower level of quality from this product. However this is a very versatile product indeed and if you’re shopping on a budget for a heavy duty portable generator then this could be the one for you.