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DuroMax XP4400EH Review: Pro and Cons

DuroMax XP4400EH ReviewThis DuroMax XP4400EH review is meant to explain the benefits and features of this portable generator. A generator is an essential machine to own when a backup source of electricity is necessary. When the power fails or outlets are not available, this unit will go to work and supply electricity for small appliances, power tools, and other necessary devices.

This particular generator is durable and compact. It includes a wheel kit which makes it easy to bring on camping trips, use while traveling in an RV, going to a job site, or just moving from place to place around the house. There are certain features to compare among products before making a final purchase. Here is a closer examination of this DuroMax generator.

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DuroMax XP4400EH Running Wattage

The first things to discuss in this review is running wattage. This number explains the amount of power that can be supported at one time. Each item that will be plugged in will require a certain wattage to run. It is essential to make a list of products that will be used and the total amount of power that will be necessary. This unit provides 3500 running watts. This is sufficient to run numerous power tools or appliances with ease.

Starting Wattage

Items will require a higher surge wattage when first plugged into a generator. This unit will supply 4400 peak watts of power.

Engine Horsepower

In a DuroMax XP4400EH review, it is important to discuss horsepower. This generator has a very strong engine which supplies 7 horsepower.

Fuel Tank Size

This generator comes with a four gallon gas tank. For convenience and simplicity, there is an included fuel gauge which allows a user to know how much fuel has been used at a quick glance. It will help to understand when a refill is necessary. Since it is a hybrid unit, it will also run on propane. Any size tank can be used because of the flexible connection.

Run Time @ 50%

When running at half load, this generator will be able to run for up to 20 hours. This is a positive aspect, since a person will be able to go many hours without a need to refuel. It also is a display of how fuel efficient the unit will be.

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Starting method

Many people are interested in reading about the starting method in this review. This unit contains an electric start with a backup EZ pull recoil. This means that a user will have no trouble cranking up the engine. The battery is included for the electric start as well.

Operating Noise

No one wants to buy a noisy piece of equipment that will bother the neighborhood. This generator is equipped with a super quiet muffler which keeps noise to a minimum.

Fuel Type

As the world’s energy consumption is growing at extremely high rates, there are great demands for solutions that will be environmentally friendly. This DuroMax generator operates on either standard gasoline or propane. Propane gas holds many advantages including the fact that it burns cleaner and does not cause problems within a carburetor. Changing the fuel back and forth is simple and quick. It should normally only take seconds to change from gas to propane. The included flexible line means that any size propane tank can be attached, even one from a standard barbecue grill. It is important to remember that the larger the tank, the longer the machine will run.


It is important to discuss the various outlets in this DuroMax XP4400EH review. There are:

Two 120V 20A 3 prong outlets
One 20V/240V 30A twist lock outlet
One 12 VDC outlet


Certain portable generators cannot be used or sold in California. However this DuroMax is carb compliant and available for sale in all 50 states.


Length: 25 inches
Width: 23 1/4 inches
Height: 22 inches


Even though this unit weighs approximately 130 pounds, it is still portable due to its included wheel kit.

Additional Features

This generator comes with many helpful features. It has a unique dual fuel system that can run on either gas or liquid propane. Unlike standard gasoline, propane can be stored for years without breaking down. The air cooled engine is extremely strong and comes with a low oil shutoff feature which prevents damage when oil levels become low. It can run for a long period of time and stores easily with its flip up stow away handles. The different outlet options are also a plus.


The most popular accessory that is purchased for a portable generator is a cover. This will keep the unit safe and ready to run when emergency strikes. Other customers choose to purchase an extension or adapter cord.

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There are many great pros to include in this DuroMax XP4400EH review. The fact that it runs on propane means that the carburetor will never gum up and will reliably start each time. An electric start is convenient, but when the battery dies, there is a backup pull cord available. The generator also runs quietly due to the heavy duty steel frame with four point isolated motor mounts along with the installed muffler. There is also an idle control which holds RPM steady even when heavy loads are in use. This saves on fuel and assures uninterrupted power. Finally, the power panel is simple and includes engine shutoff, volt meter, and circuit breaker.


This is a relatively new generator. There are no negative comments or problems to report with this unit.

Consumer Ratings

This DuroMax hybrid generator has received four out of five stars based on two customer ratings. Both reviews states that the unit was simple to assemble and started right up.


It is essential to conclude this review with a recommendation for purchase. This unit comes with a full power panel that makes use a breeze. All of the positive features are usually found on much more expensive generators. It is extremely durable and sure to produce power for years, especially when emergencies arise.

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