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DuroMax XP8500E Review

DuroMax XP8500E ReviewThis DuroMax XP8500E review is a closer examination of a portable generator that may be wise to consider for times when storms strike down power lines or when a person needs a source of power when traveling or at a job site. It is always smart to have a backup source of power in times of need. This will particularly come in handy when a person loves to camp or lives in an area of the country where the weather is unpredictable.

This portable generator comes with an attached wheel kit. This makes it very convenient when on the road. It is extremely handy when tools must be powered around the house or on a construction site. Hunters, fisherman, and campers will delight in all of its features as well. It is a durable and quality made generator which will get a person through any emergency. Here is a closer look at the many features that make it a wise purchase.

Running Wattage

The first part of this DuroMax XP8500E review will take a look at running wattage. This is the amount of power that the generator can support. A person must make a list of all items that will be used and calculate how many watts will be needed. This machine offers 7000 running watts. This means that a great deal of appliances and tools will be able to be used at one time.

Starting Wattage

When items are initially plugged into the not, a higher amount of power will be necessary. Starting wattage is also known as surging watts. This generator supplies 8500 surging watts.

Engine Power

The DuroMax XP8500E provides an amazing 16 horsepower. This is a great amount of power. This will supply endless hours of power.

Fuel Tank Size

Another important aspect of a DuroMax XP8500E review is the size of the fuel tank. This generator has a 7 gallon capacity in its steel gas tank. This means that a person will have a constant means of power for a long time before the tank must be refilled.

Run Time @ 50%

While running at half load, this generator will run up to 8 hours.

Starting Method

This DuroMax portable generator has an electric start. This is a convenient method of cranking up the engine. It requires no physical action. At the twist of the hand, the generator will be ready to get to work. In cases when the battery is not fully charged, there is a recoil cord that can be used as a backup.

DuroMax XP8500E ReviewOperating Noise (dB)

Many customers are anxious to learn how much noise will be created when running a generator. No one wants to have a device that disturbs the neighborhood, especially at night. This generator has a 72 decibel range when loaded. This is merely louder than a vacuum cleaner. To keep the sound to a minimum, this DuroMax has a super quiet exhaust with a built in spark arrestor. This also makes it safe to use for camping in national parks. There is also a heavy duty frame that includes four point fully isolated motor mounts. These also contributes to a smooth and quiet operation.

Fuel Type

As with most outdoor equipment, this DuroMax generator runs on gasoline. Gas is a convenient fuel since it is readily available and easy to store.


A Duromax XP8500E review must list the number and types of outlets that it offers. This generator has:

Four 120V 20A 3 prong outlets (standard household outlets)
One 120V/240V 30A twist lock
One 10A 12V utility connector


Unfortunately, this portable generator is not carb compliant. This means that it cannot be sold or used in California. It is available in all other 49 states.


Length: 37 inches
Width: 30 inches
Height: 37 inches


This is one of the larger portable generators on the market. It weighs approximately 250 pounds, but this DuroMax XP8500E review must note that it is still portable due to its oversized 10 1/2 inch all terrain never flat tires.

Additional Features

The Duromax XP8500E is a very powerful generator with its air cooled engine. It has a full power panel with oil warnings and a battery condition light as well. There is a key start switch, similar to that found in a car. This makes it easy to get up and running. The oil warning light flashes before the low oil shutdown feature takes effect. This prevents the engine from becoming damaged when levels become too low. One of the best features of this generator which makes it so efficient is the idle control. The auto throttle switch will lower the RPM to an idle when no power is being utilized. When items are plugged in, the RPMs are increased to a proper level and will lower back when the item is unplugged. This saves fuel and keeps noise to an absolute minimum.


Most portable generators benefit from having covers. Covers keep dirt and debris at bey. It may also be wise to purchase an extension cord as well.

DuroMax XP8500E Review


The power of this generator is its major advantage. It can supply numerous watts of power to run multiple appliances or power tools. There are also positives to mention in this DuroMax XP8500E review as well. There is a nice variety of outlets and the unit can be easily transported with the attached wheel kit. The never flat tires are versatile. The design promotes mobility over any surface. It also runs quietly.


Even though there are many positives to mention in this DuroMax XP8500E review, it is necessary to discuss a few if the negatives. Certain users have complained that the noise level is a bit louder than desired. Another owner felt that the customer service department was less than helpful when a problem occurred. Overall, most consumers were satisfied with the product.

Consumer Ratings

The DuroMax XP8500E has received 3.5 out of 5 stars based on 29 customer ratings.


This is a larger sized generator which comes with a mid to high price tag. However it comes with numerous features. It is a sturdy piece of equipment which can easily be transported to any location. For the money, there are few generators that can compare to the benefits that this DuroMax offers.

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