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DuroStar DS4400 review

DuroStar DS4400 reviewThis DuroStar DS4400 review takes a close look at a portable generator which is a smart investment for people who often suffer power outages or are in need of a source of energy while on the road or at a job site. It is always a good idea to have a backup source of power on hand, especially when living in an area of the country that weathers frequent wind storms or when camping on a regular basis. A portable generator will fill this void.

This portable generator comes with a wheel kit which makes it extra convenient when traveling from place to place. It works well when tools must be powered on a construction site or in nature during a fishing or hunting trip. It is a durable and heavy duty unit which will work well in times of need. Here is a better explanation of the many features that make this generator a smart investment.


Running Wattage

It is always essential to learn a few things about a portable generator before buying one. The first thing that must be included in a DuroStar DS4400 review is its running wattage. This generator runs 3500 watts which means that it can power certain appliances during an emergency, tools, or camping equipment with ease.

Engine Horsepower

The DuroStar DS4400 provides 7 horsepower which means that the air cooled engine is extremely strong.

Fuel Tank Size

A DuroStar DS4400 review must include the size of the fuel tank. This generator has a four gallon tank that includes an easy to read gauge. This means that there will be no question as to how much fuel remains and when the tank will need to be refilled. To assure the best fuel use possible, there is a built in idle control which keeps RPM at a constant level no matter how heavy the load.

Run Time At 50%

While running at 50%, this generator can operate for up to 8 hours.

DuroStar DS4400 reviewStarting Method

The DuroStar DS4400 comes with a simple pull recoil start. Even though it requires a bit of physical strength to get the engine going, it is a dependable way to turn the power back on without the need for an extra battery. With a recoil start, a user pulls a string which cranks up the engine. An internal flywheel spins and gets the engine started.

Operating Noise

To explain how noisy this machine will be, it is important to include the decibel level in this DuroStar DS4400 review. It produces approximately 69 decibels of sound which is quieter than the average home vacuum. The throttle control helps to keep the noise level to a minimum as well.

Fuel Type

This unit runs on gasoline like a great number of similar generators. This makes it easy to head to the local gas station for a refill when necessary.
DuroStar DS4400 review


As part of a DuroStar DS4400 review it is necessary to explain the number of outlets in this portable generator. This unit comes equipped with two types of outlets:

1. Two 120 Volt 20A 3 prong outlets that are used in homes.
2. One 120 V/240V 30A twist lock.


Compliance is not specified for this generator. Until further information is made available, it is safe to assume that this generator is probably CARB compliant in most states.


Length: 20 inches
Width: 18 inches
Height: 27.5 inches


This DuroStar DS4400 weighs approximately 130 pounds. This means that it is lightweight and easy to transport from place to place.

Additional Features

There are many features to list in this DuroStar DS4400 review. To begin, this portable generator is made of high quality materials including a steel cage exterior which offers protection to the unit. It also comes with wheels and fold down handles. To protect the engine, there is a low oil shutoff sensor. The outlets are also protected from overloads as well. It operates quietly because of the muffler and extra idle control. Overall the design of the machine makes it built to withstand many years of use and will provide power when emergency strikes.

DuroStar DS4400 review


There are a number of accessories which may be helpful after purchasing the DuroStar DS4400. To begin, most people decide to purchase a large cover for the unit. This will keep it safe from environmental elements as well as damaging debris. Some people also decide to buy an adapter cord which can convert non standard power outlets to a more usable form of 120 volt power outlets.


There are many positives that must be included in this DuroStar DS4400 review. To begin, the air cooled engine is very powerful. It can run up to 8 hours without the need to refuel. It supplies 7 horsepower and includes secure shutdown. It is perfect for home use or in an RV. It may also be helpful in the construction field to work tools and other necessary devices on site. It is much quieter than similar generators, releasing under 70 decibels of noise thanks to the exhaust which includes a built in spark arrester.


This machine runs extremely well and has pleased many owners. One of the few negatives of this unit is that the included spark plug wrench does not seem to work efficiently. Despite this minor flaw, the generator works as promised and is trusted to get a home through times of emergency.

Consumer Ratings

The DuroStar DS4400 has received 5 out of 5 stars based on 7 consumer reviews. This is the highest rating that a product can receive.


The most important thing to consider before investing in a piece of machinery around the house is the cost. The price of this generator is definitely worth every penny as it offers a dependable way to restore power in times of emergency. Since it is easy to move and travel with, a person will be able to get great use from it. It will certainly pay for itself as it supplies peace of mind to consumers.

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