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Generac 5847 XG8000E Review

Generac 5847 XG8000E ReviewThis Generac 5847 XG8000E review will present a closer explanation of a portable generator that will provide power for camping trips, job sites, or when emergency strikes. It is always wise to have a backup source of electricity. It will definitely come in handy when a person travels in an RV for camping or lives in an area where severe weather often hits. This portable generator includes an attached wheel kit which makes it easy to pull from place to place. It is a professional grade piece of equipment which can run a number of appliances or tools when necessary. Fishermen, hunters, and campers will love all of the positive features. Here is a closer look at the things that make this unit a smart an useful investment.

Running Wattage

The beginning of this Generac 5847 XG8000E review will examine the running wattage of the unit. This represents the amount of power that this generator will support. A person must decide which items will be run and add the total watts that will be needed. This generator offers 8000 running watts. This shows that a high number of items will be able to be plugged in without worry of overload.

Starting Wattage

When a power tool or appliance is plugged into the unit, a higher amount of surge watts will be needed. This generator supplies 10,000 surging watts.

Engine Horsepower

The Generac 5847 comes with a durable and string OHVI engine. The company’s energy is designed specially for use in a generator. Most generators must run for long periods of time without rest, so most other engines tend to overheat under the pressure. This Generac engine has advanced heat reduction technology including plasma moly ring deals, plateau honed cylinders, and graphite piston inserts. These lower the time needed for break in, keep oil from entering the cylinder, and make the surface smoother where the pistons rub.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Another important aspect of a Generac 5847 XG8000E review is the fuel tank size. This generator has a 9 gallon steel gas tank. Under normal circumstances, the larger the fuel tank, the longer the unit will be able to run.

Generac 5847 XG8000E ReviewRun Time @ 50%

While running at half load, this generator can run up to 10 hours. This means that a person will not need to worry about constant refills.

Starting Method

This Generac portable generator has a convenient electric start. This means that no physical strength will be necessary to get the engine cranked. With the touch of a button, the unit will be up and running. In time of emergency or when the battery dies, there is a backup manual recoil start as well.

Operating Noise(dB)

This generator is one of the largest portable generators on the market. Despite the size, it is not loud. It gives off 70-75 decibels of sound, which is just higher than a home vacuum.

Fuel Type

As with most generators, this Generac runs on regular gasoline. Gas is a convenient fuel because it is readily available. Most homeowners will keep a few cans of gas on hand to power other outdoor equipment.


A Generac 5847 XG8000E review must include the amount and type of outlets that can be utilized. This generator has: Four 5-20R GFCI One L14-30R 120/240 Volt twist lock


Like many portable generators, this Generac is not carb compliant. This means that it cannot be sold in California. This is the only state where is cannot be used.


Length: 31.5 inches Width: 25.5 inches Height: 28 inches Weight: This is one of the larger portable generators. It weighs approximately 250 pounds, but due to the included wheel kit, travel is made very simple.

Additional Features

The Generac generator offers great power and efficiency. It is protected by a heavy duty steel tube cradle. The special engine lasts three times longer than other brands. There is a power bar which monitors wattage usage and a hour meter which tracks usage in between maintenance. This unit has received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and also meets the Canadian Standards for sale in Canada. To save money, the first supply of engine oil is included with purchase.


The most important accessory to purchase with this generator is a cover. This will keep the unit free from dirt and debris. It may also be wise to buy an extension cord with adapter outlets. This will maximize the ability to use the most common plugs.

Generac 5847 XG8000E Review


The power that this generator provides is perfect for a power blackout. It can run large appliances in time of need. It is also ideal for construction or outdoor landscaping businesses. It can support major power tools as well as lawn mowers. Due to the no flat wheels, it is easy to transport on camping or fishing excursions. There are numerous safety features to mention in this Generac 5847 XG8000E review as well. There is a low oil pressure system as well. This will protect the engine when oil levels get too low. There is also covered outlets to offer protection from the environment. Circuit breakers are present on outlets to keep overloads at bey. Finally, the electric start is easy to use and includes a battery in the box.


There are very few negatives associated with this generator. Users found very few bad things to report about this unit. However one customer expressed the opinion that it should come with a warning to fill the tank to the top upon initial use. This will prime the carburetor.

Consumer Ratings

This Generac 5847 generator received 4 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews.


As stated, this is one of the largest portable generators on the market. Therefore it is at the higher end of the price spectrum. However the cost provides numerous features that will keep various appliances and tools powered up when electricity is not available. It is a sturdy machine that is simple to use. In conclusion, it will be a worthwhile investment.