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How to Safely Store a Generator Outside

How to Safely Store a Generator Outside
Before purchasing your generator as a backup power system, make sure you have generator storage outside your home ready that will house and protect it from any harmful elements in the environment. Installing it inside or leaving it open outside with just a simple shelter are common mistakes that many homeowners do. It takes proper generator storage to be able to benefit from its utility for a long time and safeguard the entire household from any untoward incidents.

Generator storage may be in the form of a sturdy shelter, wood enclosure (with ventilation), or a durable canopy designed for such equipment. Just make sure that your generator storage is located outside to avoid toxic fume buildup inside your home.

Importance of Generator Storage

While a generator is a life-saver during a power outage due to harsh climate and other factors, generator storage is equally important as well. It is responsible in the general safety of the generator especially during bad weather conditions such as hurricane, strong winds, floods, heavy rains and other elements that may hinder the proper functioning of the generator. Generator storage may:

• Shelter the equipment from rain, snow and water from penetrating that may cause engine failure.
• Prevent rust, corrosion and dust buildup
• Keep the generator neat and clean even when not in use
• Keep the generator safely running even on extreme weather conditions

What Storage Options are Available?

If you think that there is not a single generator storage available in the market, you are wrong. The options are in a wide variety, regardless of the type of generator you have. There are some generator storage styles out there that are universal, so they fit almost any type of generator while others are designed for a specific brand/model only. They may come in the form of shed, cover, box or canopy of various materials and designs, so whatever your generator type is, there’s certainly one that suits your requirements and taste.

How to Determine If a Storage Option is Compatible with Your Generator

The options are in multitude so when buying generator storage, you want to make sure that it fits the type of your generator. Generator storage designs typically include the size and brand/model of generator that is compatible with them, whether universal or pre-made for a specific model. You also want to make sure that what you get is well-built to guarantee the safety and protection of your generator throughout odd weather conditions.

Top 5 Storage Sheds/Storage Covers/Other Options for Generator Storage

If you are not yet familiar with the different types of generator storage and you want to have one for your generator, do your homework first and read different storage features. For a quick and well-informed choice of the right storage for your generator, here are 5 generator storage options you may want to consider:

 GenTent wet weather safety canopy for portable generatorsClick for latest low price
GenTent Wet Weather Safety Canopy for Portable Generators

Regardless of the brand/model of your portable generator set, this generator storage safety canopy is an effective shield from snow, sleet, ice or rain. This allows you to operate your genset in ultra wet climates due to its well-designed structure made from Marine-grade waterproof material. It comes with a universal fit well-suited for generators from 3,500 up to 10,000-watt output.

Its design includes a vent for proper cooling air flow which prevents overheating and protection skirts that protects the electrical outlet part of the generator from getting wet which may risk you from getting electrocuted. This generator storage type can hold up to 18” snow and 60mph wind. Installation is a breeze as it comes with a universal clamping system that fits perfectly on a large number of portable generators. It includes adapters that fit square and round tubular frames.

 Classic Accessories 79547 Generator CoverClick for latest low price
Classic Accessories Generator Cover

Available in 3 sizes (medium, large and extra large), this type of generator storage caters to different sizes of generators and effectively protects them from dust, birds, snow, debris, sun damage and rain during storage or operation. It is made from hardwearing fabric with water-resistant and repellant coating for maximum protection from environmental elements that may damage the equipment. It won’t shrink or stretch and comes with elastic-shock string in the base edging for easy and quick slip-on and removal. This generator cover comes in black and includes a useful built-in storage sack. It is suitable for generators:

• Up to 3,000-watts measuring 24”L x 16.5”W x 16”H (medium size)
• Up to 7,000-watts measuring 35”L x 24”W x 30”H (large size)
• Up to 15,000-watts measuring 37”L x 25”W x 27.5”H (extra large size)

 Backyard Basics Generator Cover, 34 x 24 x 30 InchClick for latest low price
Backyard Basics Generator Cover, 34 x 24 x 30 Inch
This generator storage cover fits generators measuring up to 34″L x 24″W x 30″H. Made from dual layer PVC FREE material designed for strength and weather resistance, it helps protect your generator against rain, dirt, sun and dust.

This double action cover provide a soft but durable inner layer to protect the furniture?s finish and a weather resistant outer layer to protect from all of nature’s elements

 Westinghouse Universal Generator CoverClick for latest low price
Westinghouse WHCVR Polyester Generator Storage Cover

Designed by Westinghouse, this universal generator storage cover accommodates portable generators with up to 7500-watt output. It is lightweight and made from sturdy 210 polyester synthetic fabric reinforced with tough stitching for durability and longevity. This is designed with a drawstring for a tight and comfortable fit that keeps generator safe from dust and dirt while not in use. Using this cover protects your generator from top to bottom.

Keeping your generator safe outside is a major consideration and regardless of its brand/model, there’s definitely a generator storage cover that will work for you.


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