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How to Survive a Winter Power Outage

During a winter storm, many things can happen. You might experience a winter power outage, loss of electricity and transportation problems. When you
experience a power outage, it is very important that you are alert and you know what to do. It is very difficult to deal with a winter power outage not knowing how to
handle it.

Not only is it very cold but it will also not be easy for you to move and have the things that you need especially when all the roads are covered in snow. In times
like this, you have to make sure that your family members are safe and have the necessary things like food, water and shelter until the winter power outage is over.

What to Do in a Power Outage

Stay Calm and Don’t Panic

When you experience this situation, the first thing that you should do is to keep calm and do not panic. Keep in mind that once you start panicking, you won’t be
able to think straight and are more likely to make bad decisions. Staying calm allows you to think about the situation clearly and improves your decision-making.

Listen to the Local News

During a winter power outage, you will not be able to watch any news since the electricity is out. You do not have any information at hand. Make sure that you
have a battery operated radio that you can use. At least, you can still listen to the news and you will know how long the winter power outage will last.

Have a Backup Heat Source

During a winter power outage, you will not be able to use your electric heater. It can be really cold so you should ensure that you have a backup heat source to
keep you and your loved ones warm. You can use a wood stove or a fireplace during a power outage since your heater won’t be working.

Stay Indoors

You can expect visibility to be limited during a heavy winter storm. When the power is out, you cannot just go anywhere you want. It can be really dangerous.
Watch out for your family members and make sure that you all stay indoors as much as possible and especially at night time.

Keep Warm Indoors

Unlike adults, children can be highly sensitive especially when it is too cold. You have to see to it that you and your children are kept warm. Dress them up in layers
to help them get through the winter power outage.

What Not to Do in a Power Outage

Do Not Use Candles

Whenever there is a winter power outage, the tendency of some people is to use candles for lighting. Although there is nothing wrong in using candles, you have to
be really careful. Candles can cause fire and using them can be really risky. Once you use candles, keep them out of children’s reach and place them in a stable

Do Not Be Too Complacent

You can never know how long the winter power outage will last. With limited supplies, you can never be complacent. Once you experience this problem,
contact the utility company and report the problem. When the company knows there is a winter power outage, they can easily act on the problem and they can
take the necessary actions to restore power as soon as possible.

Do Not Attempt to Help Utility and Emergency Crews

As much as you want to have electricity back, you should not attempt to help utility crews. These people know how to handle the problem. It can be really dangerous
on your part if you attempt to get involved.


What to Prepare Before a Winter Power Outage

You can never be certain as to what might happen. As such, it is highly essential that you are prepared at all times. Since a winter power outage cannot be avoided
it is a smart move to understand how exactly you can prepare and be ready for a winter power outage.

Here are some helpful tips and guidelines:

First-Aid Kits

When there is winter power outage, you might find it difficult to go to the nearest drug store. If one of your family members happens to incur an injury, you need to
have first-aid kits available at your home.

Alternative Cooking Means

Several households make use of induction cookers or other electricity generated cooking tools. Once a winter power outage happens, you will no longer be able to
use these tools. To ensure quality food and meals to your family, you need to have alternative cooking means that don’t require electricity.

Store Important Supplies

Prior to the winter power outage, you should have stored essential supplies. For example, you need to have food, blankets, medicines, etc. You can never be
sure how long the power outage will last so make sure you stock up on a good amount. When buying food products, it is strongly suggested that you purchase
non-perishable goods.

Safety Tips During A Winter Power Outage

It is very important to stay safe when it comes to dealing with a winter power outage. Understanding some of the following safety tips will help you a ton during
this event.

Battery Operated Appliances Are A Must Have

When there is no electricity, you can never use your appliances like TV and radio during a winter power outage. But there are appliances that are battery-operated.
At least even when there is no power, you can still use the battery-operated radio. In addition, you should also store batteries for your flash lights and for your other
battery-operated devices.

Don’t Forget to Stock Up on Enough Water

It is very important to make sure that you have enough water at home in case something goes wrong with the plumbing pipes and the water stops. The best
option will be to buy the package of water bottles. The winter power outage can potentially last a few days to a few weeks so you do not want to find yourself in a
position where you do not have enough water.

Dealing with a winter power outage can be a tough situation but as long as you are aware of these simple tips and understand what you must do to prepare you will
be alright. Reading this guide thoroughly and going back to it when you need to will give you the most benefit.

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