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Sportsman GEN4000LP Review

Sportsman GEN4000LPThis Sportsman GEN4000LP review is meant to offer an explanation of an all in one generator. This device is perfect in times of emergency, on job sites, or nature excursions. When a source of electricity is needed, the Sportsman will be there to provide it. It is made of high quality parts that will endure the test of time.

The first part of the Sportsman GEN4000LP review must explain that the generator is simple to use. It is just another addition to the trusted Sportsman brand of equipment. It is certain to add convenience to any situation where the power goes out or to use as a tool while fishing or camping. Here is a closer look at the many features which make it a worthwhile purchase.

Running Wattage

It is key to the Sportsman GEN4000LP review to include the running wattage of this portable generator. This is what determines the various appliances or devices that can be powered. The Sportsman GEN4000LP has a 3250 running wattage. This will be able to supply power to a refrigerator during loss of electricity or to tools at a construction job. It is also excellent as a source of power while on a camping trip as well.

Engine Horsepower

The Sportsman GEN4000LP has a 4 stroke OHV engine which produces 7 horsepower.

Fuel Tank Size

This generator runs on propane. It can use a standard 20 pound tank that accompanies most barbecue grills. Propane brings many advantages over generators that run on gasoline. Propane burns cleaner than gas, has lower carbon monoxide emissions, and does not degrade. This allows an owner to keep multiple tanks on hand for emergencies. It also means that there is no carburetor that will get clogged and need cleaning or replacement.

Run Time At 50%

At 50%, the Sportsman GEN4000LP can run for up to 10 hours.

sportsman GEN4000LP side 2Starting Method

This generator has a recoil start which is common to small engine equipment around the house. A person must exert physical strength to pull a rope in order to start the engine. The ignition is made with a non contact transmission as well.

Operating Noise

Many people are worried about how loud a generator is to run. In this Sportsman GEN4000LP review, it is important to understand that this generator runs on a quiet engine at under 69 Db. This means that it is softer than most normal home vacuum cleaners.

Fuel Type

This generator uses propane gas to function. Unlike other generators which run on gasoline, the Sportsman GEN4000LP can fit any 20 pound tank that can be stored without worry of spoilage. It is also better for the environment. This is excellent for people who are trying to live a greener lifestyle. There is a five foot fuel hose included with a regulator as well, which is important to note in this Sportsman GEN4000LP review.
Sportsman GEN4000LP Review


This generator has two types of outlets:

1. Two AC 120 volt.
2. One 12 Volt DC outlet.

As an added safety measure, the outlets are protected form possible overload.


It is essential to explain in this Sportsman GEN4000LP review that the Sportsman GEN4000LP is not CARB compliant. This means that residents of California are not allowed to buy or use this unit. However in all other 49 states, this machine is available.


Length: 23 Inches
Width: 17.5 Inches
Height: 18 Inches


This generator weighs 102 pounds which makes it extremely easy to tote from place to place.

sportsman GEN4000LP side

Additional Features

The generator has an air cooled engine with AVR automatic voltage regulator. The recoil start means that a battery is not necessary to make the unit function. There are many safety features which make it worthwhile including an engine offswitch and outlets that are protected form being overloaded. This generator has a full power panel, spark arrestor, and a low oil shutoff. This comes in handy and will prevent damage from occurring when oil levels become too low.


One of the most popular accessories for this generator is a cover. This will keep the unit clean of debris and safe from the elements. It will keep the machine ready to use when needed. Since this is a propane generator, many people also decide to purchase a safety gauge and level indicator to attach to the tank. This will let a person see at quick glance how much propane remains for use.


This generator is easy to use. It is extremely lightweight which makes it great to take on camping trips or to move around a job site. Since it is powered by propane, it is better for the environment and does not involve noxious fumes like with gasoline. For added convenience, this generator comes with helpful accessories like a regulator hose kit, spark plug wrench, and two DC wires. This will be helpful when trying to attach a car battery with a 12 volt capacity. Another positive about this generator that must be part of a Sportsman GEN4000LP review is the fact that it can be run for up to 10 hours at a very quiet level.


Despite the many high points that comes with this generator, there are a few negatives that some owners complain about and would like to change. For example, some owners do not like the plastic exterior. Other generators are made out of stronger metal. However this has no effect on the way that the
generator runs. Some users also suggest that the choke lever is very delicate and must be used with care. Other individuals who have used this generator while traveling would appreciate wheels or a simpler way to move it from place to place. On the bright side, the product only weighs approximately 100 pounds. Finally, the Sportsman brand is not as well known as others. This may cause someone to question the quality and durability of the machine. Fears should be eased as the company stands behind all of their products.

Consumer Ratings

This generator comes with 3.5 out of 5 stars, based on 39 customer ratings.


One of the most important factors that a person will consider when buying a generator is price. The Sportsman GEN4000LP has many positive features which makes it an affordable source of power.