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WEN 56352 Review

WEN 56352 ReviewThis WEN 56352 review will be able to explain the many features of this portable generator which is manufactured with customers in mind. It is a reliable source of power when the electricity becomes disrupted and is also an excellent machine for RV travel or job site backup. When necessity dictates a source of power, this generator will be able to get the job done, no matter the location.

This WEN generator is excellent to travel with since it is very lightweight and comes with a wheel kit. It is an exceptional value with an affordable price tag. It is heavy duty steel construction which will help a home get through a power outage, a family travel prepared for a camping trip, or at a job that requires power tools. Here is a closer look at the many benefits that this generator offers and the reasons that it one of the top selling generators on the market.

Running Wattage

Running wattage is an important thing to consider when purchasing a generator. This number will tell how many things can run at the same time without a circuit overload. It is essential to list the items that will need to be run and match up the wattage correctly. This WEN 56352 review must state that it delivers 3000 running watts of power which is enough to keep a refrigerator working or the well pump functioning. It is also well equipped to run a number of power tools as well.


Starting Wattage

Starting wattage is often referred to as surge wattage because all items require more power when starting up. This generator will have 3500 surge watts.


Engine Horsepower

The WEN 56352 has a strong OHV single cylinder engine which supplies 7 horsepower.


Fuel Tank Size

An important fact to include in a WEN 56352 review is fuel tank size. This generator has a 4 gallon gas fuel tank. Despite the fact that it only holds this small amount, it efficiently burns the fuel and supplies many hours of use. To make things easy, it has a fuel gauge which gives the user knowledge regarding how much gas remains. Along with the gas tank, oil is used to keep the equipment cool. When the oil level is detected to be at a low level, the generator will shut off automatically. This will prevent overheating.


WEN 56352 ReviewRun Time @ 50%

At 50%, this generator will run up to 11 hours. This means that it will run without interference for quite some time before it will need to be refilled.


Starting Method

The WEN 56352 has a manual/pull start. This means that a person will need to exert a certain amount of physical strength to get the machine started. On the positive side, it will not depend on a battery as with an electrical start.


Operating Noise (dB)

One important factor that most people want to read about in a WEN 56352 review is how loud the unit will be when running. No one wants to make enemies with the neighbors over an extremely loud device. This WEN generator gives off sound at 71 decibels. It is slightly louder than other generators, but still is not overly noisy.

WEN 56352 Review

Fuel Type

This generator runs on regular unleaded gasoline. It is very easy to keep a few gallons around the house in times of emergency. It is just as simple to grab some gas at any local station when needed as well.



This generator has different types of outlets:

Two 120 volt outlets
One 120/240 volt NEMA outlets
One 12 volt cigarette outlet



The WEN 56352 is not CARB compliant. This means that the unit cannot be used in the state of California. This is the only state with such rules.



Length: 24.4 inches
Width: 17.7 inches
Height: 18.5 inches


The WEN 56352 weighs approximately 105 pounds. It is much lighter than similar generators on the market. This along with the included wheel kit makes it extremely easy for a single person to tote it from place to place. Very few portable generators supply this much power in such a lightweight unit.

WEN 56352 Review


The most important accessory for any portable generator is a cover. This will keep the machine safe from dirt or other particles which may damage the unit. Many customers also choose to select an extension cord with an adapter. Most RV users will also decide to buy a plug to attach to the existing circular twist plug. A no spill gas can may also come in handy as well.



The most important part of a WEN 56352 review is the positive features. The overall design of the generator is very simple to use. There are also numerous safety features which are a definite plus. For example, the low engine shutdown feature, circuit breaker, automatic volt regulator, and engine hour counter are usually found on much higher priced units. The counter lets a user record the amount of time that the generator was used to keep up with proper maintenance.



Besides the numerous positives mentioned in this WEN 56352 review, there is a certain customer complaint which needs to be addressed. Some owners would prefer an automatic start. Even though an automatic start is convenient, the manual pull works well.

Consumer Ratings

This WEN generator received 4.5 out of 5 stars from 48 customer reviews. It is a highly rated machine which most consumers appreciate and feel that it lived up to all expectations.



Many generators which come with as many great features as the WEN 56352 would come with a very high price tag. However this WEN 56352 review must include the fact that it is one of the most affordable and capable units on the market, especially since it easy to transport. Not everyone is able to spend a lot of money on a machine that will not be used on a constant basis. This machine will be perfect and deliver dependable service for many years.

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