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What You Need to Buy With a New Generator

Generator Accessory KitGenerator accessories come in a wide range and they are all essential components that may keep a generator properly functioning. Without most of these accessories, the utility of your generator may be crippled especially if one or more of its components/accessories are damaged or broken which makes finding replacements a rather daunting task. With universal generator accessories around, replacing or changing a damaged accessory has never been easier.

Some generator accessories are optional features but that doesn’t mean they are not as important as everything else. For a generator with an electric starter, it may require a battery to ignite the power of the starter. Portable generators are usually encased in a steel frame with or without wheels for easy transport. In the event that the wheels wear, they may need to be replaced with new ones or if it comes minus the wheels, you may need to purchase them.

Why You Need Accessories When You Buy a New Generator

Not all new generators come as a complete package. You may need to buy some generator accessories to complete your installation process such as transfer switch, extension cords, compatible adapters and automatic voltage regulator to name a few. You may also need other generator accessories when you are considering taking your portable generator to your job site, camp site or connect it to your RV.

What Accessories are Available for New Generator

When purchasing a new generator, there are some generator accessories that you may be required to buy as well to be able to complete your installation and keep your backup power system in great working condition. These don’t necessarily come with your purchase of a generator but to keep it as effective and as efficient in providing electricity during a power outage, these generator accessories may have to be a part of your installation.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

This is a type of electrical switch which is typically installed along with a generator. This switches load between the utility and generator in the event that power source fails. When the ATS detects a power outage, it instantly converts the generator into a temporary power source and provides electricity as required. Upon power restoration, the ATS automatically turns off.

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

This device maintains a stable voltage level and this is particularly important when you have to power some of your sensitive electronic devices such as home theater system, computer, and kitchen devices, among others. This AVR prevents voltage instability that may damage your electronic devices. You can choose between stationary or portable type.

Circuit Breaker

This is a type of electrical switch that protects your electrical circuit from getting damaged due to short circuit or overloading. Once it senses a fault in the electrical system, it automatically shuts down the continuity of electrical flow to prevent further damage and mishaps to connected devices.

To continue the normal flow of electrical circuit, you can either automatically or manually reset the circuit breaker. Circuit breakers come in a variety of sizes that may address the different types of requirements, from protecting small household appliances to high voltage circuits.

Wheel Kit

Wheels are vital generator accessories that you want to include in your purchase. Some portable generators don’t come with wheels which can be pretty tough to store or transport due to their weight. By installing wheels on the base of the generator frame, maneuvering and transporting is more convenient.

Liquid Cooling

This particular accessory is useful for generators with high wattages for an efficient and super quiet operation.

Best Selling Generator Accessories

 Reliance Controls Corporation 31410CRK 30 Amp 10-circuit Pro/Tran Transfer Switch Kit for Generators Up to 8,000 Running WattsClick for latest low price

Reliance Controls Transfer Switch Kit – 10 Circuit, Model# 31410CRK

This generator transfer switch kit can accommodate 10 circuits to be powered by a portable generator.
The Reliance Controls transfer switch kit can help you avoid experiencing back feeds.
With this transfer kit, you can easily use your electric devices whether it is for residential or commercial use.

 Reliance Controls Corporation PC3010 30 Amp 10 foot Generator Power Cord for Generators Up to 8,000 Running WattsClick for latest low price

Reliance Controls PC3010 10-Feet 30-Amp L14-30 Generator Power Cord
This generator cord has been rated above 4.5-stars by satisfied users and was even recommended for people who are looking for a heavy-duty generator power cord. It is 10 feet long and is equipped with a NEMA L14030 plug.
This 30-amp cord can accommodate portable generators and can handle up to 7,500 watts.

 DEK Universal Generator Accessory Kit (cords, adapters, oil, cover, stablizer)Click for latest low price

Generator Accessory Kit
This accessory kit includes a host of generator accessories such as 1 oz. of fuel stabilizer for long term storage of fuel, 1/2 oz. for each 2-1/2 gallons of fuel, twist lock adapter-converts 240V to six 120V outlets, extension cord 25′ L14-30 (240V)-available in 25′ lengths and can be cascaded to reach the desired length, 2 quarts of 10W-30 engine oil, Engine oil funnel, and universal generator cover. Getting a kit is more economical and practical than buying individual generator accessories which can be more expensive. You get everything in just one kit.

 Voltec 16-00526 10/3 STW 30 Amp Generator RV Adapter with Ezeegrip Handle, 18 Inch, Blue with Yellow StripeClick for latest low price

Voltec 16-00526 10/3 STW 30 Amp Generator RV Adapters

These 18-inch 30-amp RV adapters come with E-zeegrip nylon handle that simply folds down to suit flush with electrical enclosures and blue with yellow strip cord. They feature a well-built construction including their male/female ends and compatible with most generators available today. This provides the adapters resistance to abuse and breakage. Elastic jacket makes the cords functional even with 60°C to 105°C temperatures. These types of generator accessories are handy and efficient for use in recreation areas and camping sites.

 Classic Accessories 79547 Generator Cover, Black, X-LargeClick for latest low price

Generator Covers
Generator accessories such as covers serve as generators’ protection from elements during transport or storage that may damage or affect the utility of such equipment types. They shield portable generators from nicks, dust, scratches and moisture.

These particular types of generator covers are made from heavy-duty canvas fabric with integrated band that may be able to secure the cover in the event of high winds. Generator cover can prolong the life of your generator by keeping it safe and protected.

Are Accessories for Your Generator Worth Buying?

Generator accessories are part and parcel of having a generator set installed in your home or business. They are not luxuries but rather enhance the performance and utility of your generator as well as protect it from the risk of untoward accidents and damages that may influence its longevity and efficacy.

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