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Which Generators Are Safe to Run Indoors?

★★★★★​ Looking for the generators that are safe to run Indoors? We have expert reviews and feature comparisons of the indoor generators. Are you wondering if an indoor generator is really safe to run inside the home? Most portable generators out there are designed to be installed outside requiring a good ventilation and shelter to function effectively even on harsh climates. Though many homemakers may prefer their generators run indoors, the noise, vibration and toxic gas they release don’t make them a good installation inside the home.

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There are actually generators designed for indoor use but it may take a lot of work before you can decide which indoor generator works well according to your needs. There are considerations you may have to think about including the legality of an indoor generator installation, protection of the entire household and the generator’s capacity to supply power during an emergency situation or power outage without compromising safety.

Why You May Need an Indoor Generator?

A generator is an effective source of power during a power outage. Though it’s an alternative power source, it’s a lifesaver when you need to run your sump pump, refrigerator, heating/cooling system when electricity is down due to various factors. While you have a generator installed outside, it may also be ideal to have an indoor generator. Learn why.

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• For emergency purposes in the event that your outdoor generator breaks down in the middle of a storm or snow.
• Alternative power source when the other generator runs out of fuel
• Some generators installed outside are not safe to run during extreme weather conditions and the only way to have a good power supply is via an indoor generator.
• Additional source of power when a portable generator is not enough
• Safe to install in apartments, condos and offices

How to Figure Out Which Indoor Generator You Need

Planning a backup power system is not a walk in the park especially when you are considering an indoor generator installation. You have to consider a lot of things to make sure that you will be able to take advantage of its utility and stay safe all the time. You are not an impulsive buyer, hence, you want to think sensibly before making your purchase. To figure out which type of generator you need, read on.

Determine Your Requirement

Know exactly where you are going to use the generator – home or office – and determine what needs to be powered during a power outage. You want the most important things to be supplied with power like lights, refrigerator, sump pump, computer, power tools, heating system, etc. Or you want your entire home supplied with electricity during a power outage.

Calculate Your Wattage Requirement

When you have finally figured out which ones need to be powered, estimate their total wattage to be able to identify the size of the generator you need.

Consider Your Budget

Prices of generators vary, so work around your allocated budget without compromising the utility of your generator. If your requirement will cause you to go beyond your budget, it makes no sense to go for it. There is no use of buying something you cannot benefit from.

Check the Features

You want to check the basic features of the indoor generator you want. Is it really safe for indoors? What makes it safe to be used inside the home?

Top 3 Best Selling Indoor Generators

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Suaoki Portable Power Station 150Wh Quiet Gas Free Generator
The Suaoki Portable Power Station 150Wh Quiet Gas Free Generator is ideal as both outdoor and indoor generator. It uses wall , sun or your car 12V socket as a source of energy to supply power to charge smartphones, tablet, power bank (USB port), laptops, small fan, vacuum cleaner,mini-refrigerator or other household electronics (AC output).This portable mini powerhouse is guaranteed safe to run inside the home without the noise, toxic fumes and long cords that are typical concerns with most portable generators.This indoor generator may be used as an efficient home backup power system, at camping grounds, job sites or tailgating.

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Webetop 155Wh 42000mAh Generator
This indoor generator model is a part of Webetop’s line of power source that are safe and easy to use whether outdoors or indoors. It’s a clean and self-sufficient backup power system that effectively supplies power without the noise and carbon monoxide gas buildup inside your home as it generates power from the sun,wall outlet and car. It features 3 durable USB ports and 2 universal AC outlets to power up your personal USB-powered electronics (phones, gaming consoles) or small home appliances (laptops, car refrigerator).

Webetop 155Wh 42000mAh Generator

 Jackery Portable Power Station 240WHClick for latest low price

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240Wh Generator
The Jackery Portable Power Station 240Wh Generator is ideal as both outdoor and indoor generator. It uses wall, car or sun as a source of energy to supply power in juicing up your personal electronic devices, household electronics and appliances, powering up your tools, and helping you keep lights on for emergency use. This generator is guaranteed safe to run inside the home without the noise, toxic fumes and long cords that are typical concerns with most portable generators. This generator is best to take in your RV, campsites, fishing, hunting, farm or the job sites.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240Wh Generator

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Indoor Generator

A portable generator is typically recommended to be installed outside the home for safety purpose but if you want something you can use inside your home without compromising the safety of the entire household, you may opt for an indoor generator designed to be safely used or installed inside the home. Before going for an indoor generator, it may be best for you to learn its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of an Indoor Generator

• Safe from rain, snow, hurricane and other harmful elements outdoor
• Can safely run during a power outage due to extreme weather conditions
• Can power most survival appliances
• Great as emergency power source and backup power system
• May last for days depending on the load
• Comes with quiet operation
• Doesn’t release any toxic fumes that are dangerous to the health
• Portable and easy to use
• Cost efficient as it doesn’t require expensive fuel such as gas, diesel, propane, etc.

Disadvantages of an Indoor Generator

• It’s pretty expensive
• Requires recharging
• Comes with limited load/ capacity
• May require proper ventilation
• Requires proper installation and permit from proper authorities

Having an indoor generator has its benefits but it’s always a good idea to find what’s really best for indoors for your safety and protection. You want something that works efficiently and safely addressing your different requirements in as far as power supply is concerned during a power outage. It’s an advantage to be ready at all times, hence choose your indoor generator sensibly.

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