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Yamaha EF1000iS Review

A Yamaha EF1000iS review will help to explain the benefits that will come from owning this portable generator. This piece of equipment is important to own when a backup source of power is needed. When a person lives in a part of the country that receives damaging storms, this machine will provide necessary electricity to small appliances, tools, or other electronic devices.

This generator is compact and durable. It is very small, so it will be excellent to travel with while in an RV, at a campsite, or jobsite. It is important to understand some helpful features before purchase. Here is a closer look at a helpful Yamaha EF1000iS review.

Running Wattage

To begin a Yamaha EF1000iS review, it is useful to discuss running wattage. This number will display the power that is supported at one time on this unit. Everything that will get plugged into the unit will need certain wattage to run. It is important to understand what items will be used together and the total power that is needed. This generator will produce 900 running watts.

Starting Wattage

Anything that is initially plugged into a generator will be use slightly more power at the start. This means that the generator will need to support more power in the beginning. This Yamaha EF1000iS review will list the starting wattage at 1000 watts.

Engine Horsepower

Engine horsepower is important to include in a Yamaha EF1000iS review. This unit provides 2.2 horsepower.

Fuel Tank Size

A person will be interested to read in a Yamaha EF1000iS review about the size of the fuel tank. This unit has a .66 gallon tank.

Run Time At 50%

Despite the small fuel tank, this generator will be able to run for up to 12 hours at half load. The Smart Throttle Load feature will adjust the engine speed to match output. The end result will be very high fuel efficiency.

Starting Method

In a Yamaha EF1000iS review, a person will want to read how to start this generator. This unit has a pull start. This means that there is no need to purchase a battery or make sure that it is charged when an emergency strikes.

Operating Noise

Operating noise is important to discuss in a Yamaha EF1000iS review. This unit is one of the quietest on the market. It has noise reduction technology that keeps things quiet. There is a unique sound blocking design that absorbs sound through its glass wool construction. Even during heavy operation, it will not disturb the surrounding area. The other thing that keeps this generator quiet is the muffler. It runs at 57 decibels.

Fuel Type

Gasoline is the most common fuel that is used to run a portable generator. A Yamaha EF1000iS review will explain that this unit is no exception. There are two major advantages of a gas powered generator First, it increases the portability of the unit. Second, gas is a very common fuel source. It is available at any convenience station, so emergencies will never be a problem.


A person should comprehend the available outlets after reading a Yamaha EF1000iS review. There are three available outlets:

2- 12 amp/120V AC
1- 12 Volt 8A DC


It is essential to discuss compliance in a Yamaha EF1000iS review. Not every generator can be used in all states. However, this generator is carb compliant. It can be sold and used in all 50 states.


Every product review should include product dimensions. This Yamaha EF1000iS review will list dimensions as:

Length: 17 1/2 inches
Width: 9 1/2 inches
Height: 15 inches


This inventor is extremely lightweight. A Yamaha EF1000iS review will explain that it weighs under 30 pounds. This makes it easy to take different places.

Additional Features

There are many features to list in a Yamaha EF1000iS review. This generator uses an inverter system, which delivers cleaner electricity. This means that it is possible to power delicate electronics without worries of damage. The smart technology will provide top fuel efficiency as well. This unit will run for 12 hours without the need to fill the fuel. The overall design is ergonomic and user friendly.


There are certain accessories to mention in a Yamaha EF1000iS review. For example, a no spill container will be useful along with a cover. A cover will keep the generator safe from dust and other contaminants.


There are many positives to list in a Yamaha EF1000iS review. The biggest pro is the quiet operation. The engine slows down with a small load. This keeps the noise level down and lessens the fumes. The unit is also extremely lightweight. This makes it ideal for camping, boating, or any outdoor activity. Little gas is needed because it can run for up to 12 hours on under one gallon. Finally, the engine is built very well. It has an overhead 50cc engine that works well to isolate sound.


There are very few negatives to mention in this Yamaha EF1000iS review. The only complaint from some users is the fact that it is impossible to run items like a plasma television and microwave oven together. To heighten the usage ability, it would be nice to increase the running wattage.

Consumer Ratings

It is helpful to include consumer ratings in a Yamaha EF1000iS review. This generator received 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, based on 31 customer reviews. This proves that it is a useful unit that will provide electricity when it is needed the most.


To end this Yamaha EF1000iS review, it is important to discuss price. This unit is rather costly, but the inverter design makes it worth it. This generator provides great fuel efficiency, so the price will be repaid in a short amount of time. Yamaha is a dependable name in the industry. This generator will produce good power without the noise. In conclusion, this Yamaha EF1000iS review will recommend this unit to anyone who needs a source of power that is portable and reliable.

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